Little Tips


If you have an extra $5 – $25
I highly recommend that you buy a garlic mincer or mini food processor if you don’t have one.  Garlic is amazing and I use a lot of it in my recipes, so if you plan to use a lot of my recipes having a garlic press will save you loads of time.

If you have an extra $200
Get a Cuisinart! I love love love my Cuisinart. It purees, it shreds, and supposedly it even mixes dough, but I haven’t had the need for that yet so I can’t testify to that.

If you are independently wealthy
Get a Vitamix. This thing is like a Cuisinart times ten, and it will make the smoothest sauces in the world for you.

About cane sugar: I’m allergic to it so I don’t use it in my recipes.  I think my stuff is great without it, especially because I do really like agave, maple syrup, and brown rice syrup for sweetening things.   There is some dispute as to the healthiness of agave nectar, and I’m still not sure where I stand on the issue, so while I research I will continue to use it, albeit sparingly.

Veganizations and translations:

Flour = Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour

Butter = Earth Balance (EB) as it is the best vegan butter out there

Mayo = Vegenaise

I use Tofutti for both my sour cream and my cream cheese

Egg substitute = Ener-G egg replacer

Other little pearls of wisdom:

Coconut Bliss. I love it. Go get some now. It’s incredibly tasty and I love that it contains just a few ingredients.

Did you know that regular ketchup is pretty much just tomatoey sugar? Gross. Find some sugar free or agave sweetened ketchup and buy that instead.

Go easy on the Earth Balance, Veganaise, and Tofutti stuff.  Yeah it’s vegan, and yeah it’s tasty as hell, but it’s also super processed.  The more refined my palate becomes the more I believe that it’s best to use ingredients that are as close to their source state as possible.


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