About Me

I’m just an aging punk rock girl doing my best to be a good person. I follow a mainly plant-based diet, partly because lactose and eggs make my belly hurt, and partly because I like animals and feel like an asshole when I eat them.

I’ve been a kitchen dabbler since I was a kid, and as I’ve aged I’ve picked up some good recipes along the way and invented a few of my own besides.  I love food; the science behind it, the preparation of it, and the experience of eating it with people I care about.  In my own cooking I feel that it’s important to achieve harmony and balance in the taste experience of every dish, and now that I’m recording my recipes on this blog it’s also my goal to achieve that same harmony and balance in my presentation.  It’s a never-ending process of growth and refinement, but then again isn’t everything in life?

I’m lucky enough to have some great friends who are willing to act as tasters for my various kitchen exploits. As time has progressed this task has of course become more enjoyable for everyone involved. And then there’s my husband, who while he will eat just about anything still has to sit through my breakdowns of every single little thing that should be changed about any given recipe in order to make it better next time. Thanks Mr. Awesomepants!  I’m a lucky lady indeed.



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